Why we do it

The answer is as clear as a sunny afternoon on the trail. See the dozens of joggers, bikers, and children walking with parents—all surrounded in natural beauty. You’ll understand.

Native Plants

naturally good neighbors
Over centuries, native plants evolved together with birds, butterflies and other species to create a balanced, healthy environment.

Alien Invasion!

Not little green men, but little green plants from across the seas—often beautiful, but frequently evil. Many are brought here as decorative ground cover. Sometimes they arrive as hitchhikers.

Monarch Hatchery

Observe, both in the wild or at our children-friendly hatchery, the monarch butterfly growing from egg to caterpillar, caterpillar to chrysalis, and chrysalis to majestic monarch.

Volunteer and Support

We need your help. The Friends of the Green Bay Trail is an entirely volunteer organization. Join us when you can.

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In The News: Honorary Street Name for Betsy Leibson

The Green Bay Trail is In The News again in a Chicago Tribune article! On December 19, 2019, the Village of Glencoe passed a resolution honoring Betsy Leibson, President of the Friends of the Green Bay Trail, by naming the stretch of the trail between Harbor Street and the southern border Glencoe with the street name “Honorary Betsy Leibson Way.”  This is the first instance of such an honor in Glencoe.

We are looking for a Volunteer Treasurer

The Friends of the Green Bay Trail is seeking a volunteer treasurer to manage its financial reporting, including developing accounting policies, reconciling bank statements and preparing periodic reports to the Board of Trustees. The estimated time commitment is 1-2 hours a week. A volunteer bookkeeper handles day-to-day transactions. Ideally, the treasurer would also serve on the Board of Trustees.
Share your financial and accounting skills with the Friends. Join its efforts to restore the Green Bay Trail’s natural ecology and maintain this local recreational treasure. Contact Cameron Avery, Board Trustee, at cameron@averydonaldson.com or 773-315-9951.

What we do

We are environmental stewards of the Green Bay Trail, restoring a natural,  prairie eco-system. Our goal is to make the trail a national example of the healthy intersection of nature and culture that inspires community and individual well-being. LEARN MORE

Friday Fun Facts – Did you know?


Monarch caterpillars rule all the realm they can see. And they can see a lot, because they have 12 eyes! On each side of their head, they have 6 tiny eyelets, called stemmata, arranged in a semi-circle.

Divorce Isn’t Optional

A female praying mantis makes a bad spouse. They behead and eat their husbands as part of their mating ritual.

Check out what we've accomplished in 2019!

This was a busy year of hard work and fun-filled activities along the Green Bay Trail, and we are glad that you could be a part of it! The Friends are proud that, with volunteers and donors like you, our many successes included:

  • 65 new trees and 146 shrubs protected and cared for
  • 3,100 native wildflowers and sedges planted; 4.5 million wildflower seeds scattered
  • 6,200 landscape staples installed to protect young plants from deer
  • New monarch hatchery for public viewing of the monarch life cycle
  • A safe and secure bridge and steps to access the hatchery from the Trail
  • First Green Bay Trail Day, in conjunction with local merchants, with 500 breakfasts served by The Girl and the Goat, thanks to Charles Schwab
  • 7 free community programs for families to enjoy the outdoors
  • 14 workdays for volunteers to maintain the Trail
  • Soil-testing and mineral supplementation of soil
  • Tri-party agreement with Glencoe’s Village and Park District for Trail watering
  • Coordination with Village of Glencoe to install drains for excessive rainfall and runoff
  • Access agreement with Union Pacific Railroad for control of invasives on its property
  • 2nd place for best 4th of July Parade float in Glencoe

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