Why we do it

The answer is as clear as a sunny afternoon on the trail. See the dozens of joggers, bikers, and children walking with parents—all surrounded in natural beauty. You’ll understand.

Native Plants

naturally good neighbors
Over centuries, native plants evolved together with birds, butterflies and other species to create a balanced, healthy environment.

Alien Invasion!

Not little green men, but little green plants from across the seas—often beautiful, but frequently evil. Many are brought here as decorative ground cover. Sometimes they arrive as hitchhikers.

Monarch Hatchery

Observe, both in the wild or at our children-friendly hatchery, the monarch butterfly growing from egg to caterpillar, caterpillar to chrysalis, and chrysalis to majestic monarch.

Volunteer and Support

We need your help. The Friends of the Green Bay Trail is an entirely volunteer organization. Join us when you can.

Upcoming Events

Coming to an event? Please let us know!

What we do

We are and will remain environmental stewards of the Green Bay Trail by restoring a more natural forest or prairie ecosystem.. Our goal is to make the Green Bay Trail become a national example of the healthy intersection of nature and culture that inspires community and individual well-being. LEARN MORE

Weekly Fun Facts


Did you know?

Hibernating Butterflies

Some species of butterflies hibernate in logs or underneath loose bark on trees and spend the entire winter here. Illinois species, such as Mourning Cloaks, even overwinter as adults. They can sometimes be seen during warm spells in January or February.

Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel can be seen on the Green Bay Trail in Glencoe. Its branches were once used to search and find underground sources of water and minerals.

Spring ephemeral – Spring Beauty

Spring beauty corms were dug up and eaten by Native American children who called them underground “candy.”

Buckthorn Barbecue

The Buckthorn Barbecue is the Friends’ largest annual event. Join us on October 3, 2019 at the Chicago Botanic Garden. For information on the event and how to become a sponsor or buy tickets, CLICK HERE.

Celebrate the Trail’s transformation!

Green Bay Trail Day is organized by the Friends of the Green Bay Trail and sponsored by Charles Schwab as part of the Glencoe and Winnetka Sesquicentennial celebrations. Activities for cyclists, walkers, runners, photographers, dog walkers, and gardeners will line the trail between Glencoe’s Scott and South Avenues. View the trail’s restored sites, its natural beauty and enjoy its recreational opportunities. LEARN MORE

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